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Nike+ “Make It Count” 1.19.2012

After the ball dropped to bring us this new year Nike released various videos with different athletes posing the question “How will you #MakeItCount In 2012?” and we all figured it was just random promotion surrounding the new year. Now we realize that Nike doesn’t do anything just for kicks and that “on January 19th, 2012 Nike will launch a revolutionary product” that is supposed to help you make it count in 2012. This new, Nike+, product would have us believe it is a Nike Running related release but in this promotional video we see “playmakers”, athletes (such as Kevin Durant, skateboarders, fighters, etc…), and regular Joe’s which would have us believe that this “product” or device has to do with more than just running. Could it be that Nike has developed a new performance device, rivaling adidas’ MiCoach, and upgrading from the simple and outdated Nike+ device for runners? Very likely. Check out this vid and take your own guesses but stay tuned on 1.19.12 for the truth…

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