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Reebok Shaq Attaq Retro… 1993 FLASHBACK!

So with 2013 being the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Shaq signature line and of Shaq's first NBA season, the good ol' folks at Reebok have decided to bring back the Reebok "Shaq Attaq" and the "Shaqnosis" models. Lets take a trip back to 1993 when the shoe first came out and then lets take a look at Reebok welcoming Shaq back.

This is one of the most legendary commercials in basketball TV-ad history and YES, we are counting all of the iconic Nike and Air Jordan commercials. Here is NBA rookie Shaq being mentored by the greatest big men to ever do it, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton.

At the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas Reebok surprised everyone as they brought Swizz Beatz to welcome Shaq back to Reebok and speak on the retro's that are to release including the "Shaq Attack" and "Shaqnosis" models this year.

Here at Osneaker you can always expect to get put on to some exclusives. Check out these 1993 Reebok Shaq crew necks which match…

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Nike Zoom Hyperflight “Super Hero Pack”

This is the first time the Nike Zoom Hyperflight is retroed, after it's original release in 2001. It was only fitting that the "Superhero Pack" would be introduced with this model, demonstrating the beauty of printing on this shoes upper. Check out our video reviews to examine the shoe and the concept of each design, and to learn about the history of it's production. Stay tuned for more reviews like these...

This pair was designed for Kobe's superhero alter ego as a part of the Nike "Superhero Pack". Kobe Bryant possesses superhuman vision, awareness, and quickness like that of the infamous Black Mamba snake. This pair features a mostly black upper with a poison green print of an x-ray view of the snake.

This pair was designed for KD superhero alter ego as a part of the Nike "Superhero Pack". Kevin Durant possesses the ability to "make it rain" like a thunderstorm with his long range shooting ability. This pair features a mostly ultraviolet upper with a print of a thunderstorm and lightning bolts coming down.

This pair was designed for Lebron's superhero alter ego as a part of the Nike "Superhero Pack". Lebron seems to be from another planet or galaxy with the way he possesses Superman like abilities from taking flight, to superhuman strength, court vision, and speed. This pair features a beautiful starry galactic print on the entire upper making it rival some of this years All-Star game shoes.

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