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How is osneaker.com different from other footwear retailers?

Founded in 2008, osneaker.com has been one of the leading online retailers of limited edition and specialized footwear for sneaker connoisseurs, “sneaker heads”, and resellers alike. We are “sneakerheads” for “sneakerheads”, so we curate our collection to match the needs of every type of sneaker enthusiast. What makes us different is just that, we know what is heat and what you need. We also tell you the stories that make each shoe special so you can make the perfect connection and acquisition. We provide our customers with peace of mind when buying their favorite sneakers. On osneaker.com there are no lines, raffles, lottery systems, tickets, etc… And you can even preorder the next release to guarantee you get your pair in your size, hassle free! 

How do you price your shoes?

We are consistently buying and selling shoes, trying to continuously provide our customers with the products they demand. We do not price our shoes based on what “market value” dictates or what others are selling them for (even if the price often reflects that). We price our products based on what we paid for them, it’s as simple as that. If we got a deal, our customer will get a deal. In the same sense, when we pay high, the price will be high but will never exceed consignment based pricing. Our inventory is our own which makes our prices fair and consistent. Different sizes are not priced differently just because they sell better. We want our customers to get value out of the products we provide so that they will shop with us again. Let us be your “plug”!

I'm looking for a specific shoe. Do you have it?

When trying to find a specific shoe, be sure to use our search bar to find it by model, color, nickname, or style number. Our search filters allow you to refine your search to narrow down results based on size availability, color, materials, release year, etc… The most effective way to find specific products is by browsing our categories which lead you directly to the shoe model you are looking for. If we are sold out of the product, don’t give up! We are constantly restocking on older models so check back again for updates. We cannot predict when an item will come back in stock so visit us often to get first dibs on our restocked product.

Are all products in your collection new and authentic?

Every item in our inventory is guaranteed to be new (deadstock) and 100% authentic. We only purchase sneakers that are brand new and unworn so our shoes will never be “Very Near Dead Stock” or “VNDS”. Please keep in mind that our shoes originally came from retail locations so in rare cases they were subject to be tried on. However, as “sneakerheads” we inspect every shoe critically. If we wouldn’t rock it as new, then we wouldn’t sell it as new.

We do not EVER sell, purchase, or deal with any fakes, unauthorized, "grey market”, or factory variants. We guarantee the authenticity of our shoes. The majority of our products come from authorized brand retailers who sell the product on release dates. Other products we purchase on the market are examined by our authentication experts who have been with us since our founding and are all veteran “sneakerheads” with massive collections, knowledge, and experience. Our reputation precedes us and we value nothing more than the ongoing trust of our customers.

Why do some shoes’ say “Vintage“ under “Condition” ?

Although all of our shoes are brand new and never worn, many older models show signs of aging. As “sneakerheads” one thing we deal with is materials decaying. When a shoe is over 8-10 years vintage, materials such as plastics begin to naturally discolor (yellowing or fading) while rubbers, foams, and glues can naturally deteriorate (cracking, separation, or chipping). Shoes that are labeled as “Vintage” are to be worn with caution. Most are collectors’ items meant to be displayed or showcased. However, shoes are made to be worn so if you decide to wear them it will be at your own discretion.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for items labeled as “Vintage”. Purchase at your own discretion.



What size should I order?

With sneakers, the size you wear is a personal preference. Every “sneakerhead” likes their shoes to fit differently. Some wear the larger size for comfort, while others wear a smaller size to avoid creasing.

All of our sizing is in US sizes. In addition, all sizes are on the Men’s Sizing Scale. Meaning that from a Kids Size 4y to a Men’s Size 15, all sizes are sequential and follow the same scale.

The Women’s Sizing Scale is measured at a +1.5 size difference. So a Men’s size 9 would translate to a Woman’s Size 10.5, while a Kids Size 5y would translate to a Woman’s Size 6.5. 

Size is a personal preference so we are not able to make recommendations on fit. However, please note that all sizes on our site are in US sizing. In addition, you can differentiate between mens, womens, kids and children’s sizing with the following keys: 

Womens shoes are denoted with a “w” in front of the size. For example, a w7.5 would be a women’s US size 7.5. 

Kids sizes are unisex and feature these 2 letter codes next to the model to specify the type of release it was: 
BG – Boys Grade-School
GG - Girls Grade-School
GS – Grade-School

In addition, kids sizes are noted with a "Y." A 4Y would be a kids size 4 in US sizing. 

I need to make changes to or cancel my order. Can you help me?

Once your order has been submitted there is no way to change details within our system. When our billing department processes your order we cannot honor a cancellation or make a change.

Please confirm all of the details of your order prior to placing the order to ensure that what you receive is exactly what you meant to order. 

I am having a hard time checking out. Can you help me?

We apologize for any inconvenience with placing your order. If you are unable to checkout, then our system would give you an error message. This is a rare case, most of the issues customers experience during check out has to do with missing information in your shipping and billing details, or the item was in your cart for a long period of time and is no longer in stock. Please verify that your item is currently in our stock and that you don’t miss any steps in the check out process.



What is osneaker’s return policy?

All Sales On osneaker.com Are Final! If we made a mistake and shipped you the wrong item, please contact us via email and we will be happy to assist in getting you the correct item. However, we inspect and review all items to confirm order accuracy prior to shipment. So cases where we do facilitate an exchange are very rare.

Why can't I return or exchange sneakers?

Our inventory is carefully curated and fairly priced to give our customers the best value for their purchase. Because of this we ask that our customers know exactly what they’re ordering before placing an order.



When will my order arrive?

You can expect your package to arrive within 5-7 business days for orders within the United States. International orders can take anywhere from 10-15 business days depending on international customs, distance from our warehouse, and other unexpected international regulations based on country of destination. Overall any estimate we give is subject to variation due to our 3-5 day processing time and any unexpected delivery interruption due to customs, weather delays, etc…

Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number from the chosen shipping partner with an estimated delivery date.

Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

At this time, we can only ship orders to the billing address associated with your credit card. 

If you have a Paypal account that is fully verified, we can ship your order to any address that has been verified with your paypal account. Simply enter your desired shipping address as the billing address at checkout and complete your purchase with PayPal.

What happens if my package is returned to you?

The shipping service provider will not leave a package unattended so please be sure someone is home to sign for the package at the estimated delivery date. While the package is in the hands of the shipping provider it is your responsibility to communicate with them if you miss your delivery.

If the package returns to us after failed attempts to deliver by the shipping provider, then we can either cancel your order minus a 30% restocking fee OR reship the order with an additional return shipping charge.

We reserve the right to suspend future orders if an excessive number of packages are returned to us.

Are customs and duties included in the shipping fee for international orders?

No. For all international orders, customs and duties due will be billed to you upon delivery of your package.

Will a signature be required when my package is delivered?

Yes, a signature is required for all shipments. If you cannot be at the delivery location during standard delivery times for your local carrier, you can contact them directly once your package ships to arrange for a pick-up at your local delivery center. We do not allow our packages to be re-routed to an alternate address once they have been shipped.



Why was my order canceled?

Your order may be cancelled for several reasons (out of stock, not able to fulfill, or fraud alerts). You will receive a notification saying your order was cancelled at which point you would need to contact us to figure out why and to replace the order.

Please note: we do reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order, for any reason, at our sole discretion.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, sales tax is charged depending on the State the order is shipping to.



I couldn't find an answer to my question. How should I contact osneaker.com?

In order to keep track and record of all of our communications, the only form of contacting us is through email. You can email us directly contact@osneaker.com.