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Air Jordan 18.5 Ray Allen Boston Celtics Away PE

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Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics has been one of the premiere athletes in the NBA during the past decade. Allen was originally drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1996. He was drafted 5th overall then was immediately traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. Ray Allen has established himself as a pivotal 3-point shooter able to land the most difficult 3-pointer. During the All-Star Game of 2000-01 3-Point Shoot out contest Ray was able to successfully grab the crown. In 2002-03 Ray Allen was traded to the Seattle Supersonics. On January 12th.2007 Ray Allen scored a career high of 54 points against the Utah Jazz. His accomplishments were swift but it wasnt until he was dealt to the Boston Celtics in 2007 that he was able to make his career stand out. Joined by stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce Ray Allen was able to land his first NBA championship in 2008. This pair of shoes represents one of the most valuable moments in Ray Allens career. This pair was worn by Ray Allen during the 2008 season where he averaged 17.4 ppg 3.1 rpg and 3.1 apg. This is a very rare pair of Air Jordan 18.5 Ray Allen Boston Celtics Away PE that are completely deadstock. These shoes were made for Ray Allen and are an original Player Exclusive. Black/Clover Green